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Everything are original, life of people and animals live together harmoniously


     Everything are original, life of people and animals live together harmoniously, the villagers in the forest really is a jungle where no access to electricity, still no electricity, no water supply, use water-based from nature, clothing apparel woven themselves in their own tribe. The women take care of the house, take care of children, weaving, cooking and preparing food. The men will prepare farm work such as farming, gardening and growing vegetables which grow everything on them own as a tribe. This place is also different from our own lives as well.



          Would you like to go on the real trek? One that explores areas unspoiled by crowds of tourists? If so the Mr. Whisky team has developed a program that will take you through Khun Yuan-Mea Hong Son, a jungle region 2,000 meters above sea level.

          With over 20 year experience, we have organized a lot of treks and met a lot of people we understand your needs. At the same time, our concept is radically different to that of all other Chiang Mai trekking companies.

          Remote Khun Yaun – Mea Hong Sorn Province Trekking area sit at the foot of the Himalayan chain. Hundreds of kilometers from the normal trekking locations. It is impossible to access without the 4wd vehicles we use to take you there off road.

STUDY THE LOCAL ECOSYSTEM  The knowledge of our guide is unrivalled you will learn how to make traps and be taught much about the wildlife you will learn how to make traps and be taught much about the wildlife you encounter. And study about the plant. PARTICIPATE IN HILLTRIBE LIFE.  You will take an active role in the day to day life of the Hmong and Karen people. You want just be stopping for a picture!

          These are just some of the highlights. For example only Mr.whisky jungle trek takes you on a real trek. We would be delighted to tell you more!

Please contact us Mr. Whisky Jungle Trek 081-7246506


          The trekking trail will take you to the hidden villages in the jungle where you say overnight situated on the mountains 2,100 meters high above sea level. We will enjoy dinner in candlelight and you can see the people’s simple way of life under the brilliant night sky that make you feel like you could reach the stare and above all a warm greeting from smiling local people.

          When you wake up in the morning fog slowly rising up, and have time for you to breath in the fresh mountains are. Here you do not hurry to dress for working, but you would see the pigs are running under the house and the people are setting off to work in the fields.

          This is a real jungle trek for nature lovers and for people who wanted to learn about nature, culture, and walking for botanical, birds, insects and butterflies. Otherwise it’s suitable for people who want to have plenty of time to spend in the forest and in the villages, to be with people with no rush and away from civilization.


          Our experienced and knowledgeable guide. Will take you through light green paddy fields and farm land where you can see and learn manmade irrigation system and local agricultural.

          We are hiking in highland rainforests, and the mountain’s trees in the area you pass through such as oaks, bamboo, and black vanish etc. While hiking you will enjoy seeing the beautiful landscape, and in the area you would see different kind of animals like insects, birds, flying frogs, flying lizards, beautiful butterflies, beetles, snake, spiders and water scorpions.

          Furthermore you will walk across the river and stop to visit tumbling waterfalls where you can enjoy swim and relax. Trekking to deep green forests you will see the beauty of breath taking landscapes, mountains and experience the peach and silence of the remote northern hills of Thailand. 

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